Letter of Commendation

Email addressed to Chairman of the Singapore Red Cross

I would like to commend one of your staff, Ms Fara Roslan & Ms Midori Umezu your Japanese volunteer for their dedication to their work in helping to find missing personnel in the Japan disaster. My auntie, who has married into Japan has been staying very close to the Japan disaster area. All my extended families were very worried for her and her family. We only have her name, the names of her hubby and children and an address and telephone number. With desperation, we are glad that Red Cross has stepped forward to help to find missing person and try to reunite them.

With this little information we have passed to your staff, we harbored little hope of finding out the whereabouts of my auntie and her family. However, your staff refused to give up and provided regular updates on the progress of their search. Firstly, Fara assured me that my auntie and her family members’ names are not in the list of those victims claimed by the disaster or the injured list and the area that she stayed only encountered minor earthquake. This news gave me some hope that my auntie and her family are safe. After less than two weeks, I received a call from Fara to say that she managed to locate a person with the same name as my uncle although she cautioned me not to bring my hopes too high. After several verifications with your counterpart in Japan, Fara is able to confirm it is indeed my uncle.

You can imagine our joy in being reunited with her albeit only via a long distance call at this moment. All these things can only happen with your dedication of your staff and volunteers in their tireless effort in helping to find and reunite as many missing people as possible. I salute the dedication of your staff and volunteers in their jobs. They shared their joy of reuniting my family with my auntie after all these years. Once again, I would like to thank Fara and Midori and those staff from Japan Red Cross for all their effort in finding my auntie and her family. As a token of appreciation on the excellent work of your organisation, I have already donated through your hotline to the Japan relief fund. Last but not least, I wish that all your staff and volunteers will continue their good work and hopefully more people can be united.

Thank you.

Lee Ming

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